Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Let’s join with all creation & praise our God for HIS Goodness, Abundance and Mercy. HE is our God, Guide & Provider. AMEN !

God is going to begin a new creation, a new miracle through you. God is going to use you mightily with your prominence and by the time we reach The Second Coming - we all will be with you as a church, as a group & as a nation. Only through you many souls are being changed to the Lord & Only through HIS might we are here to serve the Lord.

God says, "You put one step with faith - GOD leads you hundred steps prosperously" ~ and I prophesy this to you through God's own heart. Never take a back step or never hesitate to reach people to tell about Jesus Christ OUR Saviour & about our Ministry ‘ABUNDANT LIFE RESOURCES’, "I will bless you and fill your mouth with abundance" , as God said in HIS Word and was with Moses at that period, so as with you today. Please pray and we shall be a great nation for Jesus. AMEN. I praise God for HE has given me such a daring heart to work with you and the Church.

Praise the Lord. It's not me, that I am speaking - the Holy Spirit is guiding me to tell you all this. And again,

Praise be to God in the highest ! Praise be to HIS name ! Praise the Lord !