Happy is the generous man, the one who shares his bread with the poor.
Proverbs 22 : 9.

Profile of SALR Profile

Society for Abundant Life Resources, was started in the year 1996, and was registered with the Govt. of India, under FCRA Act in the year 1999.

SALR started its services and its activities in Literature - Education for Adults, Medical Camps, Prisons – Moral teaching, Schools, Colleges – skill development in reaching the unreached villages with a purpose in uplifting the skills in youth.

Literature :

Every month SALR publishes in the main News Papers and invite the readers to contact and to receive appropriate counseling. SALR published in English, Telugu & Hindi News Papers. Untill August 2009, SALR received letters from different people in English – 120234, in Telugu – 181325, and in Hindi – 21312. Our office sent Correspondence Courses through out India. After they complete the lessons, SALR awarded them a completion Certificate with due appreciation.

Moral & Financial Support for Prisoners’ families :

Our Society received permission from the Government of Andhra Pradesh for visiting Prisons of Andhra Pradesh. Hyderabad – 2 Jails, Secunderabad – 2 Jails, Nizamabad – 1 Jail, Warangal – 1 Jail Central Prison and Mahila Jail.

A Blanket permission was given for visiting 189 Jails through Government of India. To teach & give morals in Prisons supporting the Prisoners’ families and providing them Medicines, Sewing machines and Financial support in order to help their children, wives to do Vegetable-vending / Sewing for their livelihood.

Moral Teaching in Schools / Colleges :

Giving Morals in Schools – encouraging them to do the useful and in developing their skills and creativity and be good and best in the Society. Creating them a hope in life to live in the world as a wonderful person. Through supporting the orphanages and Home for the aged in times when an occasion occurs / a festival comes they can provide food / fruits / fund them for that particular day.

Medical Camps :

Every year SALR conducts Medical Camps, Awareness General Camps, Immunisation Camps, General Health Check-ups – for the Home for aged, and Orphanages.