The earth has yielded its increase; God, our God, has blessed us.
God has blessed us; Let all the ends of the earth fear HIM !
Psalms 67 : 6 - 7.

Tribal Outreach

Greetings to you in the Precious Name of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ !

God has given me the burden in taking up the Tribal Ministry. It's a vision God has given me, that in the Bible - It says, "My Cup runneth over". Psalms 23:5.

We have taken up - Prisons Ministry, Children's Ministry, Youth Ministry, Village Ministry as well as now Tribal Ministry too. Till now we have no support to our Organisation. Kindly take initiative in establishing the same.

We are only praying that God should Open the Doors of the Heavens and bless our Organisation wonderfully.

We are glad to bring this news, that we have been to forest region - to meet people in the Forest Region - It is a very vast forest - tribal area in AP, There were many tribal people - of different Kinds, namely : -

1. Hill Tribes
2. Konda Reddy Tribes
3. Melugu Tribes
4. Basthar Tribes
5. Nemalipeta Tribes
6.Sunnapurallapalli Tribes
7. Aliveru Errayigudem Tribes
8.Mothigudem Hill Tribes
9. Jheelugumilli Lankalapalli Tribes
10. Narayanagudem Tribes
11. Lambadigudem Tribes
12. Appalarajagudem Tribes

These Tribes live in interior region of the thick forest. We were glad that, God has given this opportunity to go and share the "word of God" with those tribal People & we also enjoyed watching God's own creation so beautiful. We have never been to such places earlier. After seeing all the creation in forest, and at the Dam near the forest, We found Multiple stars glowing bright and closer - We were amazed to see GOD's creation and glorified HIM - How great thou art !

We shared 'God's immense Love towards them'. In the interior forest there were some small & poor (young & Old) pastors - nearly 25 of them, who go to each tribe - visit & share the word of God. The senior pastor who is illiterate and was very active in showing all the tribal areas, He is Mr.Satyanandam ~ he is the one who trained the other Pastors and let them go to each tribal area to share the Word of God. We appreciated him. Moreover, we found small & tiny beautiful Churches, in the deep deep inside the forest. We also came across Naxals. But, God was with us, in sharing the Love of Christ.

WeI have seen many tribes - some were half-clothed and some were well clothed. There were many old aged people, widows & widowers, some are single parent, many orphans. They have no proper houses to stay. All stay in huts, some stay out in the woods. Some are educated - many are illiterates. Here there are Mentally handicapped children as well as elders.

They have no help from the Government of India. Few Christians have self raised little fund and built small churches. They were very beautiful and well decorated. We appreciated them a lot.

We are planning to put up a Home for the aged as well as Orphanage, a Mini School in this forest region and a small Hospital for the Tribes and their Children. Please Pray for the same.

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